Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello! I'm contestant number one-and-the only one.
My name is WTC 2819 was born last year.
A December baby newbie on the road.

I was injured once at rounabout which nearby Sin Chew Daily.
Since then my owner Elva got phobia and rarely bring me out.
Days go by I've become the "vase" which display in front of the house.
Only sometimes Elva will bring me to Amway along with mummy Lian to pick up some products.
The most long journey I had went to is Subang. That's only if Elva's bf is with her .

I was confused who's my owner at first cause the driver's seat is always with different faces.
Sherry's friends brought me to few places before such as Zouk, The Curve, OU..etc. and most probably are entertainment places.
Now Sherry has started to picking up her driving. I'm so excited for her ,at the same time I got heart attack sometimes. =P
She likes to press on my oil instead of break although it's around the danger zone. Drive safe please Sherry to avoid me from getting any scars.

And yesterday Sherry brought me to Elva's working place to fetch her after work instead of asking others to fetch.I got honk by a car behind me cause I stopped at the wrong lane. Embarrassed sial!
Although not fully stable and steady but was alright for a newbie. Luckily her friend was beside her to control my steering.
Before reaching the junction nearby home, Sherry didn't stepped much break while doing the turning.
I felt like I was flying wheee~ Elva and Eunice screamed 'Break'! LOL
Her most terror of all is to park me inside the house;Eunice claimed and laugh.
Anyway, we were safe home. Thank God!

Say Hi to me next time if you so happen to bump into me on the road. =)


  1. Dropping by ere. Nice myvi. =)

  2. Honk honk !!!.... hope to see u on the road !

  3. JLean: thanx =)
    Ronnie: yea, hope to see u too.

  4. literally BUMP into you? duwant lah.. =P

  5. ken: I know my english not that good. I'm still learning. =)

  6. No need to go Genting for roller coaster! =)

  7. so nice to get to drive a car! i have license but i dun have a car :(

  8. i like myvi!!!! but mummy dun wanna get me one...

  9. simon: soon u will get your own car.
    vivian: i prefer kelisa suits me more.

  10. I have an Olive Green Myvi, easy to drive cos it's automatic.

  11. drive carefully sherry....i lke myv,,,ehehehe,,,

  12. You want me to try? Fuahh, sure my adrenaline will pump very fast! =)

  13. Eza: I will drive carefully.
    Tolanic: Ms. Sherry wanna fetch you means she give u face. tau tak? =P

  14. Technically, flooring the gas pedal instead of break gets you out of harm most of the time, and minimizing harm to others. I witnessed too many incidents where a minor accident would've been avoided, had the driver just continue driving and not break in panic.