Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Get back to my clubbing kakis recently especially the long lost friend Polly.
We went yum cha few days back and updated each other on gg session.
There was how the clubbing trend in my life started all over again.

Dolled up myself two hours earlier before heading to Mist, bangsar.
Waited the dai kah jie to fetch Alice and Mandy then only my turns.
By the time she reached my place was already 11 pm plus.

I felt a bit bored at first cause I didn't know any single of them there.
Suddenly there was someone pat on my shoulder and called my name.
I was like omg its Marline my highschool mates.
It was so nice to meet back her and know that she is doing well.

The chocolate cake from secret recipe.
Pity the cake was just plainly for the ceremony.
No once touched the cake till the end of the party.

Look at Alice and my eyes were a bit red after the few glasses of liquor.

Benard ( the white hat guy) and the birthday boy kept drinking non-stop!

Mandy. Alice. Yours truly . Polly

Self-camwhored as usual!

The drunkard bday boy and the gang.

The always pretty Mei Lin.

Boredom really can killed. So we girls went up to the stage to shake shake.
Guess who I bumped into? Its Melissa Beh, one of the blogger that i alway read her blog.

We girls were so damn hot on stage!
Definite the "hot" in this sentence yourself. :)

Last but not least, picture with Wee Giap the future lawyer.

There goes my night!