Thursday, December 23, 2010


The queen's birthday supposed on the Christmas eve as exact.
She made her celebration one day earlier due to everyone were gonna have plans on that day.
Venue changed from Mist to Movida since we clubbed too often in Mist that could make me sick.
Harry offered to fetch me there at first but since Alice was going so I just followed her car as she stayed nearer to me.

Outfit of the night : sexy back!

Dolled up myself for the night.

Arrived there around 11 plus. Saw the queen and Mandy were chatting at the car park. The queen brought me in with her while Mandy and Alice still busy with their stuff.

Decoration for the coming Christmas celebration.

Liquor was a must in club, ain't it?

Peace from the birthday girl.

Yours truly.Mandy. Mei Kuan

Credit this picture to the leng lui Cookies.

Yours truly was kindda not in the mood that night.
Didn't feel like attending the party at first but I had no choice since already made promise.
Sit on the couch looking up the V.I.P seats and reflashed back my birthday celebration.
Emo came and boredom killed so I kept drinking plus I got nothing else better I could do there.

Felt tipsy after few glasses, asked Alic to bring me to the ladies.
I hugged her and started to cry like the first time I cried in Mist when I was facing relationship problem.Glad that Geor was there to comfort me.
Alice kept comfort me and ask me to let go. She already sensed that i wasn't really happy that night but I just pretend I wasn't.
She brought me to the car while the two gentlemen Harry and Jackie followed us to make sure we were safe.
Alice shh them away cause I was crying all the way to the car. wtf I know! Followed by the queen Polly and Cookies were drunk.
Some conflict going on between the birthday girl and Alice. I was so annoyed and awake by then and went back to the club with Harry instead of staying gthere.

Some of the crazy moment took by Ms.Cookies:

The gayness of Johann and Daniel.

Alex , my highschool junior. He could recognize me though we never chat before.
Cheryl.Johann. Mickey.

The birthday girl's younger sis.
Aren't they just look so alike?

Last but not least, the birthday girl kissed a girl.
And i think she liked it! :D