Saturday, February 26, 2011

13th & 14th FEB

13th FEB

Used new curler that my mummyqueen bought for me.
How did my curly hair look like or straighten is better?

Earlier on, Jane informed me that the bunch of ex -highschool mates would be gather at Kuan's house for the night. Therefore, yours truly decided to join the Orkid class gang instead of my Mawar gang as they didn't gimme an exact confirmation.

Didn't know what happened that night.All canceled plan in the very last minute. Jane and I then dropped by at Kuan's place since I have things to pass to Kuan as well as her baby Isaac. We went for movie " I Love Hong Kong". I don't really find the movie interesting , on the other hand Jane likes it very much.

14th FEB

It was Valentines day! A happening day for those lovey dovey couples but not for single ladies like me. sigh :( There this mister asked me out for movie and dinner few days back before the exact day. Yours truly refused to go for the dating due to shyness and nervousness. Yet, I changed the plan to visit his parents in Cheras since he had already told them I would be there to " bai nian". We got stuck in the jam for an hour plus only reach his place.

Funny part was that, his mom and brother thought we were together. And his mom starting asking me lotsa questions straightforwardly, made me kindda speechless. Oh ya, I had dinner there with them as well. Overall, the family were nice and friendly thats make me don't feel any awkwardness at all. Then the mister fetch me home and went back to work. He came to my place after his work then just to accompany me watch dvd till I was tired.

* I know blogders are sick of my CNY entries, two more post to go !*


  1. I think you look nice with both straight and curly hair (:

  2. straight hair make you looks younger, curly hair make u looks matured. How old are you? If you are no longer 18-22 (cantonese) then curly hair more suit you lo~~
    haha. So you and him, this mister, got chance?? hehe.. I so 8 gua.

  3. like ur curls :) u look good with it!