Sunday, February 27, 2011


CNY still going on and that day was a public holiday which falls on the Tuesday.The sexy Carmen decided to invite inniters and bloggers to her place to have another get along gathering at her place which located at SS2. Melissa as usual the kind hearted one offered to give me a ride.

The gathering starts at 8pm.Melissa arrived my place 15 minutes before the time struck. The time was kindda rush yet yours truly didn't know where she misplaced her camera memory cards. Dang! Mummyqueen and Mel even gimme a hand to find the damn tiny little card.

Guess who found it at last? It's my mummyqueen. The place yours truly misplaced was on her reading table. I did search there for many time but I didn't see it. I wonder was I blind or whatever shit.After that, Mel went to Mc D to order 40 pieces nuggets and we waited there for like half an hour!

Above are the reasons why were we late that night. Sorry guys!

This picture was taken when Carmen busy introducing her family member to the both of us.
Saw the little paper bag which Mel holding? It is candies! I packed it all in small packets with a red ribbon tied up. The main purpose of doing so it's because I wanna be the Choi San Yea to distribute sweetness instead of money to everyone! wink*

Dinner started when almost all of them arrived.
The table was full of food since some of us brought different varieties.

Here comes the organizer Carmen took picture with us during dinner. :)

What to do after dinner? It was of course GAMBLING time!!!

The bunch of poker faces!
Hilda mei mei won the most that night.:D

The so innocent bunch playing UNO cards!
Vince didi attened the gathering too!
It's been a while I've not seen him.

Yours truly. Xue Ren. Jayren
That was the first time I met XR.
She is tall ,skinny and young!

Took a picture with Hilda as she had to leave early.

The amount of people were getting lesser as the night was getting.
Left those happening one still insist to stay and continue with games.
Some guys even showed their talents in playing music instrument. Aww~

The most epic moment of the night!
Jayren was a newbie in Chor Dai Di .
As everyone of us put five cards, he did the same as well with "".LMAO

Li Chuen, the sweet sweet girl!
Love her maxi dress. :)

Yours truly and Mr.Suresh

Mel mel look good in yellow top which I don't.

Yours truly. Carmen. Henry a.k.a Baboon

These were the late ghost of that night.
We leave Carmen's place around 2 am.

Once again, thanx Carmen for inviting us to her house.

*Pictures credit to inniters that I have used their pic.*


  1. nice...luckily i didnt take pics with u..else mesti get fehmes.. lol

  2. nicee... always got gathering! haha

  3. I didn't won the most that night, it was chuen and jfook :P

    Btw, I bought the camera for RM1685 at Sunway's Panasonic. Not sure if it's a semi pro but it's definitely not a DSLR (:

  4. the G12 is considered a Pro camera