Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Foremost, I wanna apologize for being ffk my blogger mates- Papabear, Tony, Tikkoss and whoever that attended the karaoke session on very last minutes. Yours truly know she was the one who suggested to go for karaoke session and posted on Facebook wall. She didn't expect that the responses were so welcomed and ended up the bunch really had a gathering that night. She wanted to go so badly swear but too bad the time didn't allow me to do so.Oh okay, cut the long winded craps.yawn*

Chor 8 is the most important celebration for Hokkien to Bai Tin Kong according to tradition. Last year, yours truly went to Quenic's place to celebrate this big day with the bunch of unimates. We did the same for this year as she already booked us early on. What's more Fai kor first time ever took the initiative to set up event page for the night!How dare we not give him face to attend?

We started the night with meeting up in New Paris restaurant. Fai kor was the earliest to reached there, followed by Georgina and I as she picked me up. Michelle from nowhere appeared at the restaurant.We were really surprised to see her as she was like no news all this while. She didn't told us she was back to KL for a month yet didn't click on " attending" button on the event page.Then the couple Q and Dee reached , lastly was Evan. This is the complete AV2 we always mentioned with only 6 members!

This time I did take pictures of the delicious food we ordered that night purposely to tempt my blogders to hunger. blek*

The 4th yee sang I had.


Kam Heong Lala


Don't know what is it called.

Five dishes for seven of us was more than enough.

Group pictures after the dinner.

Second destination was visit my place.

This was the first time I gambled during this year cny. :)

Headed to Q's place before 12am to do preparation for Bai Tin Kong.

The preparation.

Writing as much wishes to fill up the space.

Fireworks even brighter than the moon.

Ready to let it fly.

Up up to the sky!

Picture with Q's lovely mummy. :)


  1. wow seems like a trend now to send lantern into the sky^^

  2. haha! me too! i send lanterns to the sky! =P

  3. I wanna send lanterns to the sky too! :D

  4. yor i haven send any lanterns this yr:(