Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Miss Annie has came back from her HK trip!She came to my place at night to pass me the souvenir she bought. One of my F6 junior Cherrie rang me up in the evening to meet up for yum cha session since she knows the missy would be at my place. We metup at Jaya One old Town with Steven and Cherrie since it's five minutes drive from my place.

Yours truly ordered hot honey lemon and peanut butter toast for dinner.

It's been a while I really sit down at old town to so called enjoy their food. Used to be having meals there almost every day during uni time due to is affordable. Didn't know that the menu and cup served have changed. This can show that how long I have not dine there!

This was the only pic I get to take for that night. They refused to have pictures. I wonder why also. Pictures above shown the missy cover her face with menu on the left while Steven tried to avoid my N8 cam. Luckily I didn't bring out my digital camera to take pic cause I found out that I didn't insert memory card and battery in it after home. LMAO

We sat till the restaurant almost prepared to close only make a move. Cherrie and Steven followed the missy car behind to my place so that they would know the way to my place next time. Still they found it kindda complicated and confused the direction.

* My blog is getting dull I know. Really no idea what to blog about. Sorry blogders!*


  1. it's ok... at least we know what the sexy sherry has been doing! hahhaa... it's been a very long time since i last visited an Old Town... the food quality drops and damn exp! :(

  2. Old Town, from top to toes ;(

    No way your blog is getting dull right :)

    Add oil!

  3. i dont like old town seriously D=
    jiayou babe =)