Sunday, March 13, 2011

9 & 11 MARCH

9 March 2011

It was Wednesday movie night. I decided to tagged Eunice along for movie at Tropicana City. She didn't allow me to drive that night due to the after work peak hour traffic. She drove me instead and had dinner together. Been craving for the pasta and waffles after the first time I had it with my lovelies. Eunice ordered pasta, while I went for strawberry peanut waffles. Yum yum!

Edit the color tone of my background with Mei Tu Xiu Xiu.

The King's Speech was the movie we wanted to watch at first. The ticket sold out quite fast on that night, it left only first row seating by the time we wanna buy tickets. With not much options , we went for The Fighter instead.

Based on true story rates 5/10.

11 March 2011

Yours truly claimed that herself have J.Lo's curls! shy*

2 pm had an interview at PJ Tower.The person who incharge to interview me took last minut emergency leave.Guess end up who interview me? Was the receptionist!!! WTH I know. Mummy and i went for brunch at A&W after the interview.

Amcorp mall shopping before heading back.


  1. weee mei tu xiu xiu ftw! (: so how was the interview?

  2. It was an interview in an agency. Have to wait for their client company replies.:)

  3. 5/10 arrr.. Too bad i gt no time to watch >< goodluck to d interview ;)

  4. hahah Teh Fighter =P ok should go and have a look too!