Thursday, March 31, 2011


Date : 30 March ( Wednesday )
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex e@ Curve
Hall : 8
Seat No : J01 & J02

Foremost, I would like to thanx Miss skinny-Jessy who spared me and Tony for the pair of movie tickets. She remember that I was dying to watch this movie so she invited me!

While waiting for Melissa to pick me up after her work. Didn't join the bunch for dinner at Kim Gary. We were the latest to reach there around 9pm and bought some light food for our dinner from the cinema food counter.

Before enter the cinema, the bunch will always like to camwhore as if we are the V.I.P who invited for huge event though was just a preview screening.

My partner of that night - Mr. Tony

The beauties (ahem)*

When all the bloggers meet. Happening us!

We camwhored and busy chit-chatting around until it's time to enter still dragging and unwilling to go in. Luckily this wasn't a free seating tickets; if not i think the bunch of us will end up sitting on the first row.

HOP ticket looks like!

Watch the trailer!

The movie is quite entertaining though is kind of kiddo. Kan everyone of us has a child in us? :)

* Henry Lee* Now I get it why you kept telling me about the jellybeans poo a day before the movie. If only u can do that then I can have free jellybeans! :P


  1. I miss the fun with you guys again! cute bunny movies :D

  2. OMG You wanna eat jellybeans that are pooped by Henry? :p

  3. i am jealous... hehe... nice post..

  4. haha cute and nice movie!! sure going cinema for it..!!

  5. love the movie! :) hope to meet with u next time!

  6. Hi...I went for this movie also....Damn funny....:p

  7. ah!! u r so lucky! i wanna watch it too!

  8. I just cnt wait to bring my nephew to watch HOP! :)