Monday, April 4, 2011


With the slogan twist it, lick it , dunk it~ It's none other than the awesome OREO cookies! This time Miss Carmen make the cookies different than the description above. She fried the OREO instead!

Papa bear was kind enough to gimme a ride to this lady's house and joined the fun with the bunch at the very last minute. I felt so troublesome to always ask Mel to fetch me so I refused to go at first.It's not that I don't want to , Mel. :(

Besides OREO, the bunch did bring lotsa junk food.

Girls gathered in the kitchen before Carmen started her secret fried oreo recipe.

Girls lost concentration on Carmen when Tony was making some weird noise in the living room.

While Miss Carmen was preparing the fried OREO.

You can tell that it's fattening with the amount of oil. Think she is trying to make us fat! :P

The outcome! Can u spot an unfried Oreo? According to Carmen, it's because of not enough flour to fried the last piece. Sympathy the only piece being isolated. LOL

Good food with great magic show performance by Adrian. So impressed with the invisible purse and the number 5 appeared on his arm. Though he is cool in his performance but he is afraid of watching horror movie. LMAO...He closed his eyes while everyone of us were watching The Unborn.

The sour candies remind us of we used to have it during highschool. Also, I felt so warmed when having girl's talk with Mel, Xing and Carmen on that night.

Look at yours truly expression here! Damn kao funny can? After everyone had tried Mr. Elwyn's massage and saying how good was it still I refused to let him do so on me cause I'm scared of ticklish .When I was talking halfway , suddenly he put his hands on my shoulder so I just stayed still. The massage was way better , at least I didn't giggle like what I did when my sister massaged and did facial on me.

The night ended around 2.30am when the bunch finished watching live football match. Though I was damn tired of waking up at 4 am that day , its totally worth it to hang out with the bunch of fun people. I did enjoyed! :)


  1. I just wondering how the oreo taste will be.

  2. fried oreo..never thought of it. But looks quite yummy

  3. It taste absolutely good. Thanks Carmen for frying for us! :)

  4. what weird noise did i make?! i donch recall that at all lol

  5. Fried oreo and lotsa junk food!!!!! :)