Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Cousie Victor buzzed me with a call in the evening last Thursday. I had no idea yet surprised to see his incoming call appeared on my phone screen. He talked excitedly on the phone saying that we were going to the same event which held at Movida, Sunway Giza that night. The cousie brother was kindda considering to attend the event or not at first.After with my power of persuading plus the bunch that we were gonna meet up with that night were mutual friends , my highschool juniors who are studying in the same college with him. What a small world no? :)

Asked Miss Jane a night before to pick me up along since Mr. Henry already offered himself to gimme a ride back after the party. Mr. Henry offered himself to send me there on that day itself. Since he volunteered himself so why not let him be my Ahmad of the day. So ya!:P Dolled up myself with the party mode on and waited for the Ahmad to come over my place.

Thanx to Mr. Henry for collecting the passes for us instead of waiting for unconfirmed reply from my dear friend.

The check-in entrance.

Mr.Henry asked me to pose for his DSLR while I was searching for my juniors at the entrance.

Whenever there's free flow and food; there will be crowd.

The cousies were happily enjoying the free beer and Whisky!

Sherry & Henry's ham chien pieng expression !

Iris mui mui & Tony kor kor

Joey & Christy

What's with the cacated lips?

Lovely juniors :)

Isaac and Janice

Bumped into familiar faces such as Alice, Mandy and the little cute mate sepet boy!

Yours truly was a bit tipsy before the party almost end. Mr.Henry send me home right after that without joining the bunch for karaoke second round.


  1. Fuiyoh got so many kaki that night =P good for you XD

  2. Is this the second part of the love story? :P