Tuesday, April 19, 2011

8 APRIL 2011

The girl who always craving for beer which is non-other than yours truly finally has the chance to fulfill the tempt on that night. Mr. Henry suggested a restaurant which located at Kelana Square to have dinner and beer since it's having promotion. Both of us posted about it in Innit but no one really seems interested ; not even the maybe attending Mr.Tony show up .In other word means only Mr. Henry and I went for so called a date.

He came and pick me up right after his work and headed to the place. We took quite some time mary-go-round around KJ area cause he only went once to this place and missed a few turn. Anyhow, we reached the place at last.Bumped into his boss who was already dining there with a lady when we walked in.

Louisiana is lake-side restaurant with nice night view which suitable for family and also couple to dine there.

2 jugs of Carlsberg for that night!

Camera shy when Mr.Henry asked me to pose for his DSLR. This is what the ultraman pose above about.Had little bites on my strawberry Panda Meiji cookies while waiting for the food to be served.

Mr. Henry came with his DSLR to take pictures again due to those pictures that he took before this for company purpose had problem with file corrupted.

Yummylicious pasta with prawns.


Yours truly didn't eat much due to the beer make her tummy feel gassy and bloated.

He claimed that I eat like a kid cause I dirty the table with pasta. Look at the way yours truly hold the knife as though she is holding a pencil. LMAO

The boss of this restaurant is friendly. he came over to chit-chat with us since he could recognize Henry was the photographer who came few days back.

Sorry, there's no Mr.Henry's picture in this post cause he claimed that I didn't take photo of him. Thought you are good in camwhore as well besides taking photograph.Don't cha?

Ehem* And this is the night where the love story begins....xoxo!


  1. And the love story begins... sweet!

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  2. i m waiting ur part 2 story. blog it yo~ sweet sweet couple


  3. Wahhhh..Luckily everyone screwed the date with you..so two of you got the privacy hahaha

  4. i want to see more stories. keep it coming girl!! =)

  5. this is so sweet.... may the love lasts.. :D

  6. sweet! love will keep you alive! :D

  7. hahaha ! Sweetnya ! More stories please ! =p

  8. ah that's my friend friends restaurant ^^ nice plc! got part 2 to the story right?~ or will it be at jayrens blog?

  9. I MEANT HENRY! CLEVER MUNKEY >_<" sowiesowie~

  10. i love to read love story hehe~gimme more~XD

  11. OMG OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS? No wonder you two like rapat semacam lately! Congrats weh xD

  12. glow so funny... jayren's blog? wth
    i had a good time with the pointing babe! :P