Saturday, April 9, 2011



is now offering " THE RM 203,000 WeBUY COMMUNITY GIVEAWAY PROJECT" to all participating WeBUYers.

- This BUY not only allows existing but also new users to participate.
- RM 200,00 + RM 3,000 worth of WeBUY e-wallet money have to be given out within 120 hours.
- Now, not only the time counts but also the person like you and me also plays a matter about it.

This BUY is activated since the buy has achieved its target with 500 buyer, therefore each of the buyers who participated will received RM 3 in their e-wallet. The more buyers participate in this buy, the more credits upgrade will be bank in to your e- wallet as well if only the amount of buyers for next level achieved.

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Go through every stated level to enjoy the upgrade of credit in your e-wallet:

- Achieving 10,000 participants, every participants will get RM20 in their WeBUY e-wallet.
- On top of that, RM 300 extra will be given awayto 10 selected winners. Making it RM 320 each.

* Everyone is a winner. You can make a difference.*


ah Tuan ee's Place
RM 15 for 1 out of 8 choices of chicken dishes + 1 cincau drink total worth of RM30.60

Cubes Chinese Cuisine / Wine Bar
RM40 for RM 80 cash voucher+ RM 20 cash voucher for the next visit

Refer friends and earn RM5 in your e-wallet
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