Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Greetings! How did my dear blogders spent your weekends? Yours truly felt sympathetic whenever weekends hit . Cause of no plans , no dates plus no cash ! What a disaster no?

I tagged the two ladies for shopping with the offer that I'm gonna give them a ride. Warning was given by me on FB " Ready for the crazy ride!"

While awaiting for the two ah mois .

The ladies then took off to Sunway Pyramid with worry yet excited mode. We spent half an hour at least to find a damn parking space which specified for Sunway Hotel instead of the mall.

Mc Flurry crave finally fulfilled! The three ke lian ladies looking through the glass window while having brunch and planning what to do next. Sounds so sad no? Headed to the mall without any purpose make us felt so lost.

My tummy grown bigger as if I looked like a pregnant lady cause of the fit-tight top I wore that day. It was obvious till my friends told me there's a young lady staring at my tummy when I passed by Cotton On. She kept staring at me though I had walked in front of her. Wtf!

Between, I also bumped into Isaac and Janice in Nichii. Know how I could recognize was him from the back ? By remembering Janice 's pink bag which she brought on Oreo night ;carrying by Isaac while the wife was doing some shopping. How sweet of a man to do so for the wife kan?

The ladies then changed venue to The Curve after feeling dead bored and dizzy after seeing people mountain people sea in Pyramid. Natasha drove to The Curve after that while me and Carrie ZzZ off in the car .

Due to TGV at Pyramid were long queue so we headed to Cathay see if we could get to watch Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Too bad that show wasn't on the showing list. Sui dao shi! We had no choice but to go for karaoke at Red Box.

Carrie looked kindda tired here.

Natasha was very patient to teach me reverse parking at The Curve parking lots. I kena honk kao kao by a women cause yours truly was blocking her way and stoned there nervously without removing my car. Damn you women!

These were the two ladies' playlist. My playlist of that night was kindda different than usual. No Coco Lee, Ah Mei, Elva, Landy, Jay Chou's songs but it's more to Engslish songs.

The session was supposed to end at 10.30pm . Since no one shoo us home so we continue singing till 11 pm plus. Then yours truly sped home so that the two ladies could reach home rest earlier for work tmr.

So this was the weekend of THREE LONELY GIRLS....


  1. hahaha at least u all went to redbox ma~XD
    jiayou jiayou in your driving skill :p

  2. why so lonely jek! so geng hor can drive... ehhh... speed back home! :P

  3. ";carrying by Isaac while the wife was doing some shopping. How sweet of a man to do so for the wife kan?"

    Awww, I am sweet aren't I? LOL. But such coincidence to bump into you sherry! :)