Monday, May 23, 2011


For the very first time , mummy thinks that her daughter dressed up in an appropriate way .

Singlet frm Cotton On Msia
Tights frm Cotton On Spore
White Top frm Time Square
Heart Shape Chain frm Yinhoo

Life is like a bitch on and off. You could't bare with what had happened thou it's already the fact.Whatever it is; the world wouldn't stop a tick seconds for a loser who self sympathetic. Why playing the role of a dead body without its soul when it's not worth so? Move on and get a life cause there will always be rainbows on the other side awaiting for everyone.

Dinner at

Vivo, The Curve.

Displayed table menu.

Sugar and creamer.

Date of the night ; Missy Eunice.

With her pizza.

The chubby face finally get out of the house.

With my fish and chips.

Hot tea served with cookie.

Watched Water For Elephants 6/10 rates.


  1. Always love how you dress~ I have difficulty in "mix n match" my clothes every time.. I miss Vivo's chocolate volcano!

  2. Om nom nom nom.. your mum doesn't approve your other clothes? :O