Sunday, June 5, 2011


1st June 2011,

Spotted a Swiss watch few days back and decided to get it on that early morning. Unfortunately, the fate wasn't on my side due to the stock will only arrive in a week.

Natasha then dated me for lunch at Tappers Cafe , Jaya One. We had a short catch up about her recent new job, relationship problems and of course my updates.

Mom and sis were mentioning how exhausted I look like last week. They said I look older than my exact age.Even Nats said so. I could see that when I look myself into the mirror. It's kindda scary!

Make up has become part of the life for ladies nowadays, neither do I. It has the magical to turn a normal girl to a pretty hot chic within few second. I'm quite depends on make up whenever I go for outings unless I'm lazy that day. As my complexion is getting dry and dull , I decided to apply mask that I bought few months back. Ya, you read it right is few months back! Lazy me

Introducing the mask I'm currently using - Swallow's nest Rejuvenation mask from Sasatinnie.

Ugly truth without make up.

Applying mask while watching Bing Mommas.

End result!

Next mission is to heal my heavy eye bags!


  1. I usually use cucumber mask from watson or the pink moisturising mask from sasa (:

  2. where got ugly.. btw your face really looks very smooth, must be the results of proper care and a lot of masks :)