Tuesday, June 7, 2011


While everyone were busy heading to Chow Yang night market on a Thursday night, yours truly went for something even more exciting. Mummy and I were craving to eat crab for quite some time just that we didn't really plan when to have it. Still remember when I was a kid, grandma always cooked delicious spicy and sour flower crabs. We will gather together and eat with breads. How I missed those moment spending time with her.

Supposed to dine at 7pm but the sleepyhead Victor overslept. The dinner then delayed to an hour late. He picked mummy and I headed to Taman Megah a restaurant nearby Ming Tien to have dinner. The restaurant was full with people and we have to queue for our turns to get table some more cause they don't do reservation.

Restaurant Fatty Crab a.k.a fei lou hai

Fried chicken . 8/10 rate ( must try ) *

Satay 4/10 rate. ( not nice )

Finally , the long crave sour & spicy crabs. 9/10 ( must try )*

We even tapao back for sis and dad for dinner as well.

This yummilicious dinner cost us rm 200 + but who cares as long as the satisfaction was there. I was bloated till I got headache when I got home. Must be having too much of the crabs !


Next, show off a little here! :P

McD Coke glass collection.
Purple and blue were from Mr.B while Pink and Gree were from my sis.
I missed the Black and Lime Green. Anyone wanna gimme?

Received Nuffnang cheque!

More updates to come! :)


  1. Wee congrats on getting the NN's cheque (:

  2. so many years staying nearby there i have never dine there. can you believe it? =_=

  3. lol, why you order so little sticks of satay?? If i was there, 20 sticks also not enough. Hehehe