Wednesday, June 15, 2011


On 8 June 2011,

Participated in a paid focus group. Session after, found that our car got clamped cause we parked at someone's space. We didn't realized there's this car number board hanging above till then. We rushed to the small hut in front of the parking lot to ask if they could help us remove the clamp.

" My car got clamp."
" Clamp arr.. kena bayar rm30."
" No way, I'm not gonna pay for it. Can we have the owner's number ?"
" Kita takde record sini. Owner dah balik"

We then ran up to the operation management to deal with another security. The security was much more helpful . He help us to call the guy that we deal with to get the owner's number. Unfortunately, the guy said he doesn't have the record.We went down to the parking again and was hoping someone will give us a helping hand but people just gave us one kind of look. For the second time, the guy came to our parking space and ask " Miss apa macam? Nak balik ni. Esok baru buka lah" We were so pissed and standing there " Oklah, esok baru buka." We went back to the operation counter for the third time, the security was gone. Had no choice but to go back to the parking lot , thought of surrender and pay the guy instead. When we got down, saw the clamp was removed. We felt so relief after an hour stucked in that building. Though we paid extra RM3 for the parking but it's better than pay rm 30 for the unnecessary !

All things settled, we went to SS2 mall to fill up our drooling tummy. That was the first time I visited that place. The parking was free of charged. Though the mall look huge and grand but not many shops have open yet. We had dinner at Old Time Kopitiam.

We enjoyed the dinner happily due to we didn't have to pay what have we just earned. If really that was the case, what's the point we go there right?

Camwhored after finished our dinner.

Had our very first chatime after the dinner. :)


Yours truly with her Strawberry smoothie.

Chatime is available at the venues stated above.

Candid by Sze when I was concentrating on some relationship reference books. I will definitely go back to this bookstore cause of the varieties of books provided there. :)


  1. Oo? Wht do u mean...? So did u get back your car??

  2. Arhhh... luckily someone unclamp your car. Pheww~

    How's the book anyway. Hahaha... looks good. XD

  3. You look so tiny in the last pic (:

  4. Chatime! Havent had the chance to try yet. Bring me!! :P