Friday, June 10, 2011


On 6 June 2011,

Monday as usual rushed home from tuition class cause of the movie screening invitation by Nufffnang that night. Sze started to active in blogging and contests created by Nuffnang. We were so excited now everytime when the contest result released.

I tagged her along for the Hookwinked Too since she didn't get the invitation. Next day, she checked her mail again and found that she got it too. She of course would bring the bf along, while my invite went to Nee.

Nee and I were drooling all the way to The Curve. She couldn't decide what to have for dinner. I then suggested to dine at Waroeng Penyet, a halal restaurant. Chili's lovers would definitely like this place cause they serve homemade chili sauce. Pedas sial!

Nee and I ordered the same dish - Ayam Penyet

Nee and I at Brand's outlet.

Didn't get the shades cause Nee said it doesn't look nice.

Queued for the movie tickets after that. Waited for quite a while before the movie starts.

Nothing much to comment about the movie. It's plainly lame and sucks!
What attracted me the most was the two big fat round babes. Adorable~


  1. yah after collect tix then wait hmmmm . . . :P

  2. Awhh... u get the tix for Hookwinked. >,< Haha... wondering how's the movie.

  3. hoe's the movie? haha...nice?

  4. Hehehe, lame ar the movie. For me it was actually okay :P

    Hope to see you around again soon sherry!