Thursday, June 9, 2011


Somehow, I felt that the little mei mei look alike Missy Labii and yours truly have a good click since the first time we went outing for party dress searched. Though we have a little age gap distance, but it seems like we have similar thoughts in certain matters. As usual, is not like you don't know that gossip session would never comes to an end for girls at anytime in anywhere. We planned few times to go out since then but the busy bee always has to deal with her part time jobs. Till one fine Saturday, we finally got the chance to meet up for another outings.

Big loose size blue top. (blue is so not my color )

Elwyn, Snoopy and Mel were at OU early in the morning due to the sales happened in Quicksilver and Roxy .The missy came and picked me half an hour late cause she got herself lost in nowhere. Then we headed to the mall hoping to catch the movie Kung Fu Panda 2. While escalator moving up to the cinema, we already saw long queue awaiting there to get their tickets. We straight away gave up and make a U-turn moving down to the escalator.

We then meet up with the threesome at Cold Storage. The bunch then accompany the two missy to have their brunch at Chocolate Lounge. At first and in my memory, I thought this place only serve nothing besides desserts. Surprisingly, the bunch told me that they do serve main course as in proper meals.

Irresistible variety of chocolate!

Mel is glowing in this pic. Ain't she looks like an angel down to earth?

Missy Labii was trying hard to get a good pic that day.

Look at Elwyn was sucking his spoon which full of choc!

Elwyn was trying to murder me with ( I don't know wth was he holding ). Help!

Our orders :

Labii : Not nice!

My all time favorite !

Elwyn didn't finish his order cuase he has the same comment as Labii for the food.

In a nutshell, this place only serve nice desserts as the name already clearly stated " Chocolate "!


  1. haha why he didnt finish the hot dog? need my help it is? ehehe

  2. Theobrama Chocolate Lounge only serves good chocolate drinks, their other proper meal is really disappointing :(

  3. owh seems like they are only good in their chocolates!

  4. Always wanted to try their choc fondue :P Noted the last sentence :P

  5. ooo, havent tried this place yet.. Chocolate lounge eh? Sounds pretty cool!

  6. i think he was holding a chopstick? oh wait.. that doesnt make sense.. LOL