Monday, June 13, 2011


As an advertising major, we are always required to be different than others. What makes one's stands out among all is the originality, creativity and innovative. To produce great big ideas is very dependent on awareness, observation and exposion to our surroundings. That's why during university time, the lecture/ tutors will shared the ideas of good advertisements to make them as reference in the class. Nippon Paint's commercial was categorized as one of the good ideas and that's how I came across with it.

The latest Nippon Paint Expert 2010 Commercial

- Nippon Weatherbond Advance
- Nippon Weatherbond Solareflect
- Nippon Spot-less
- Nippon Odour-less Air-Care

Do you ever come across a lazy day when you don't feel like going out and rather grounded yourself in bedroom? But after looking at the same dull bedroom, it just turn your mood off. It did happened to me couple of times and ended up I'm out instead of staying in . Perhaps it's time to have a makeover for my bedroom!

Usually my family don't go for a specific brand when comes to the decision for color paints. We did try many other brands and also including Nippon. So far, the best result I had ever experienced was still from Nippon paint. It's not surprised that Nippon has been the well known color paint's brand all this while due to its expert qualities.

I like Nippon Paint because colors speak my heart. Girls,usually have the crazy mood swing moment sometimes which could turn the world upside down for no reason. What could make the situation better is COLORS! Yours truly recently is obsessed with colorful stuff collection. It makes me feel happy whenever I look at them.

Couldn't be the most happiest girl if I am chosen for the bedroom makeover contest! Nippon provides wide range of color schemes from Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary to Triadic. Play with the colors well could create a bigger space, comfort and freshness for a bedroom. The power of colors could makes everyday delightful.

Besides that, Nippon also concern of the world we are living in by creating the Green Choice Series.The features and benefits of this idea are environmentally-friendly, easy -breathability, heat reduction, bacteria resistant and durable. Go green is the social obligation to save the world from being destroyed.

A picture of me and my so not nice bedroom

Of course I wish to win one of the three prizes:

Grand Prize : Room makeover worth RM5000
Second Prize : Paint job worth RM 3000
Third Prize : Paint job worth RM 2000

At least the cute Blobby plush toy if I didn't won the the prizes above.

I want the pink one! Can I ? :P


  1. FIRST !!! :D
    I hope you get the turquoise color... I WANT!

  2. GOSH~ your room consider nice already!! Damn neat n clean! Good luck girl.. =]

  3. Good luck, get me the lime green 1 please :P

  4. A nice room you have, good luck :)