Saturday, August 20, 2011


Movie Review:

Characterization wise,the credits roll of this film is really long as expected to see actresses and actors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan appearing in this movie. It's kindda confusing and misleading of where is the production from. It creates a feeling that this movie is trying to save cost by involving so many parties from different countries.

Humor wise, many dialects jokes strike a chord with most and particularly with the more senior generation. The scene where Henry Thia comb his hair before heading out for work while singing and moving his butt so perfectly follow the song rhythm. While meeting his favorite celebrity and wanted to get a kiss from her so badly. Idea strikes, he make a baby who is carried by a lady cried with the help of the red hair lady who is perform with her in a circus show by showing silly face. The celebrity heard the baby cries and go in front and give the baby a kiss. Henry Thia used the angle trick to appear in front of the baby , besides the celebrity as though he was the one kissed by her.

Touched wise, Chew Chor Meng married Apple Hoong on that day when world war 2 happened. Apple Hoong is a lady who couldn't speak. She wrote some words on his palm saying that she would be a good wife to take care of him and hope to wish him every morning after woke up from sleep.Unfortunately, she died on the first day itself after their wedding cause by the war. Olivia Ong ,a photographer shop owner's granddaughter decided to return back all the photos before she closed down the shop. And there is how she got to know about the stories behind this couple's pre-wedding picture.

The trailer of the " It's a Great Great World"

Rate: 6/10


  1. I think i might catch this, on the PC of course. Thanks for the review

  2. i watched too! awesome movie!