Monday, August 15, 2011


JOHNNIE WALKER is moving on its footstep to the Pearl of Orient on this coming 25 August 2011.This is the first time ever JOHNNIE WALKER bring the iconic and successful of glamorous Black Circuit race parties live in Penang but the location is still an unrevealed secret yet! This event is exclusively for invitation-only elites to have the opportunity to be part of the privileged to step inside the Black Circuit to experience the authentic race.

For humble beginning of 190 years ago, today Johnnie Walker is the world’s number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia and distributed across the globe for the enjoyment of million. The aim of JOHNNIE WALKER is to create a flavors and qualities that could be relied upon time and time again.

In producing exceptional blends for prestigious customers, JOHNNIE WALKER always maintain to two dearly held blending values which are quality and consistency. These values have underpinned JOHNNIE WALKER's product developments ever since. So far, there are five varieties available in the market namely Johnnie Walker® Red Label®,Black Label®,Green Label™, Gold Label™ Reserve and Blue Label™.

In year 2005, JOHNNIE WALKER teamed up with Formula 1 constructor team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes to spread awareness of the "Never Drink and Drive" message. Both teams have had a fantastic partnership, driven by the same desire - the values of innovation, winning and leadership in pursuit of success.

JOHNNIE WALKER® has always been the symbol of exclusivity and high flying lifestyle as shown by the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, both equally successful F1 drivers for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One ™ team. Fans of both drivers should have know that Lewis Hamilton has won German Grand Prix while Jenson Button was the winner for Hungarian Grand Prix for this season.

If I could have the chance to experience one aspect of high flying lifestyle, I would definitely love to! From my point of v
iew, " high flying " could be categorized into either an experience or a feelings. In terms of experience, I would choose to fly high up to the sky with a parachute or hot air balloon which labeled JOHNNIE WALKER on it to attract public attention for the opening of the event. I would be given a glass of JOHNNIE WALKER's labels which is my preference of choice so that we I enjoy the taste of the drinks while viewing the overall set up of the event in higher and different angle. Through the go-around- high- flying, a banner would roll down holding by yours truly to deliver the message of " NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE " as an alert reminder to create awareness among the attenders.

The line up of Djs that gonna make the party go higher and higher! Excited*

Dj FM, Dj Reeve and Dj Teemaree

On the other hand, high flying could be an awesome and fantastico feeling. This feeling could be obtain from partying at JOHNNIE WALKER race party with great music spin from the invited Djs , varieties of JOHNNIE WALKER labels and company all night long.Everybody gonna put their hands up in the air and get up the stage to dance and have fun for sure! Besides that as a suggestion, badges with message written " Never Drink And Drive" will be given out to all the party go-er as entrance gift.

I believe that I have what it takes to deserve the VVIP invitation to JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK CIRCUIT! Being an exclusive loyal fan of JOHNNIE WALKER, I don't want to miss the opportunity to join the grand party ever. Being an adventurer, I wish to try out how it feels to step in the Black Circuit to drive a racing car. Being a blogger, I would like to experience myself in the party and also convey public announcement to my readers " Never drink and drive".

Wanna be part of the crowd to enjoy the biggest party in town? If you think you deserve the invitation as well like I do. Just log in to for further information. Who knows u might be one of the lucky winner.

Stay in control,

to keep walking for upcoming event.