Wednesday, August 24, 2011


'm munching Cadbury chocolate at 3.05am. Insomnia strikes due to the norm of hungry during midnight. Poor Sher, no one do delivery like she used to have previously. The guilt in me make me realize my blog have been abandon quite some time. It's time for a little update!

Supposed to have two screenings tonight which was Colombiana at e@Curve and The Smurfs at KLCC. I couldn't separate myself into two so I decided to give Colombiana passes to my friends. Eunice was my date for The Smurfs screening.

Actually was kindda lazy to travel all the way to KLCC in two days a row. Heard my friend said that Colombiana is much better than Final Destination 5 neither do I think that Smurfs too. Just that the seat we took were consider quite front, it makes me feel a bit dizzy.

Floral top from ChicPop which matched with my earings.

Anne was trying her luck asked if I want the badges. Of course I want!

Had Sushi King for dinner after collected passes.

* Blogger-bloggers sekalian , is not that I didn't want to join you guys for dinner. Just that my friends don't feel comfortable with english speaking. Actually, I wanna join you guys so badly ya know!

I have given out two Johnnie Walker Penang passes to another friend. Feel kindda sad couldn't make it there but at least the invitation is not wasted. On the other hand, I have 4 passes to party at Alive KL for Juice Reader's Appreciation Night, 8.30pm tomorrow. Buzz me if you are interested!


  1. big title "smurfs premier screening" but nothing about the movie? lol :P

  2. XD you didn't say how was smurfs to you :) and sushi king, wow XD

    Have fun at Alive KL yea! :)

  3. We can switch channel to Hua yu wan. haha. no worries wan ma

  4. we all speak chinese what -__-"

    not that i went to the screening anyway HAHA

  5. cute bun : the movie was nice rate 6/10
    ken : isaac : cause i know there will be lotsa other bloggers write bout the review. I'm lazy!

  6. so nice to get to watch Smurfs!

  7. Jamie: Yea, it's fun to watch the blue little thing running around.