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NEW YORK : 7th August ,2011.Look who are back in action ? They are non other than the lovable apple size blue creatures - THE SMURFS! Surprise not? They have been touring around the world to meet up with the bunch of loyal and faithful fans. Due to the crazy welcomed response, The Smurfs have extended their meet up session to one more country which was the New York City, United State.

Last Wednesday, The Smurfs celebrated " THE SMURF DAY" at Palisades Centre. The center court of the mall was decorated with tonnes of little smurfs all over the floor and stage to hype up the event. In conjunction with the celebration, Papa Smurfs, Smurfette and Clumsy showed up at the event to have photo taking session with all the small and big kiddos.

1#Three of the main Smurfs characters's posters on the stage.

2#Apple size light blue tiny little Smurfs scatter all around the court.

3# Even the Smurf's village was moved to live for view.


4# Photo taking session with Red hat Papa Smurf, Blonde hair Smurfette and Whitey Clumsy.

5# Smurfette's gorgeous looking often make her as an ambassador for many brands & products.

My favorite Smurf would be the one and only flower among the grass, Smurfette! This charming lady has delicate features such as long blonde wavy hair, long eyelashes , and with white dress and high heels. She is one of a kind that melts the heart of the other Smurfs. At times, she can be very much of a woman, playing with the feelings of her sweethearts.

Characteristics: Feminine, Grace and Frivolous.

Being the first time in the shopping heaven, Smurfette never let go the opportunity just like that. She went for her shopping spree in the mall with few of the Smurfs to grab some nice dresses for the up coming movie ' The Smurf'. The movie will be generally released on the 1st September but there are premiere passes giving out by few of the sponsors. Be alert of the contest!

This time The Smurfs hang out around the mall without their assistants following besides. It was quite irritating to have unnecessary people next to and kept reminding what's the work schedules coming up. To get rid of the hectic plans, The Smurfs even asked their assistants to go back to town and they will find their way back after they had enjoyed enough.

Of course being the apple in the eye (Smurfette) has the privileged of getting sponsors from other Smurfs on her expenses. After fully utilized the few days of freedom, Smurfette felt bored of the city and planning to go back to their own village. The other Smurfs just followed what the princess's order to go back to their own world and face the reality of working and living again.

Unfortunately, bad news came! They left their passports with their assistants. Not only that, the money left with them was not enough for them to get air tickets back to their village. Smurfette was so pissed and sad and trying hard to figure out if there is any ways to go back home. The other Smurfs were trying hard to cheer up Smurfette but it didn't work well for the princess.

The Smurfs

Smurfette then walked around the mall and she found this huge poster placing outside the cinema counter.Coincidentally, there was a testing screening among the involved parties before it released. A sudden idea then strike on Smurfette. She planned to use their magical power which has not ever reveal before this to get back to the village.

Smurfette lead the other Smurfs sneak in to the hall 8 which was the screening testing held. The Smurfs tip-toed and walked silently towards the front row of seats as though people in the hall could hear them. They had a mission which was when the movie scene showed up to The Smurf's village, they had to hold each other hands and did the spell so that they could go through the screen. Right timing was all it takes!

They were so nervous if they could make it or not. When the scene nearly show up to the village, Smurfette asked each of them to hold hands tight and read the spell together. Once they finished the spell, a light then sparked out and a red carpet was ready for The Smurfs to walked towards the screen back to the village. This incident was a total shocked for the audiences in the cinema cause it was so unbelievable that the tiny little blue creatures had such power!

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