Friday, August 26, 2011


Missed the most happening party in Penang but I gained from another one in KL.It was Juice Reader Appreciation Night which held at @Live KL.I won 2 pairs of invitation passes therefore I was allowed to tag friends along.This time I invited my long lost National Service friend, Yvonne and her besttie Tracy to join me for the night.

Thought I will not get myself there since everyone had their own plans. Didn't expected she buzzed me up and told me she could make it. She came all the way from Kajang to pick me up. Due to she is not familiar with PJ , she got lost. And I had to drove out and direct her to my place. I banged my car while I stopped at road side to call and ash where were they.God blessed I was safe!

Get into her car and rushed down to KL right after I parked my car back in place. Using her Google map to search for the club. We went mary-go -round in KL area for about an hour in addition of the hectic jam only arrived the destination.We were so two hours late from the party exact time. How we wondered if it ended before we get ourselves there. Luckily it didn't!

We enter with two chops on our hands. One was for the free flow which ended at 11pm and another one was for entrance. We only had one and also the last glass for the night cause we didn't know the free flow ended so early. While enjoying the stage performance, we decided to order a tower of Heineken instead.



Yours truly

With my long lost dearest!

Ladies of the night.

Performances of the night. More to singing and dancing. Where had the leng chai cool Dj supposed to spin in the club?

1# pretty boys from Thai I guess?

2# My bf who sang " Forever Love" by Lee Hom . I could see he was damn nervous!

3# Hot chic who sang " bad Romance" by lady gaga. Love her outfit so much!

4# Duet who sang " Nan Ren Nv Ren" from Xu Ru Yun

5# My bf again. I know he is cute!

6# Guy in black suit always look cool no? still I prefer my bf more.

Mister offer to fetch me home cause he knew that I definitely will k.o after the dose of alcohol. He called me once he arrived . I waited at the entrance kept looking for his car. Then only we realized he was at the Alive, Sunway instead of KL one. FML


  1. Then did he end up going to the KL one to fetch you? WAH Your bf is leng zhai oneeee, want his autograph can? :P

  2. wow, you have such an awesome bf :P