Saturday, September 3, 2011


K-POP fever strikes on me in a sudden! Browse through the net to search for a recent love song that I supposed to share with dear blogders. Came across another band name After School.Like how creative the name has been created!

After School is a South Korean girl Group under the label of Pledis Entertainment. Their
official debut occurred on January 2009 with the hits Ah!Won various awards at the Billborad Japan Music Awards and The Soul Music Awards.

One of the music video where past members So Young & Bekah still in the group.

to be continued...

Let's Step Up
The moves in this music video is awesome and fantastic.

Play Your Love
Showing the soft side of this band besides sexy and hottie dance.

Above were the few songs I like from After School. Always envy how Korean girls could dress and doll up so colorful yet don't look"lala" at all. Sometimes , I have the crazy thought that I would like to try out with a big headband and colorful dressing for outing after watching these music videos. Hope people on the street won't gimme some kindda stare or think this girl is insane. Wait till the day to come for a brand new look!

Peace Out!


  1. I like them. :D They did great in dance battles too.

  2. too much of k-pop fever. don't u think so? :)

  3. i like the fourth your love..very nice song for me..:)