Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Managed to drag Melissa out from her lame excuse with an inside deal. Benjamin already expected the deal before I told him. It was pouring cats and dogs while Melissa was on her way to come and pick me. Headed back to her house and got herself dressed and dolled up in 25 minutes for exacts.Then, rush over to Benjamin's working place to car pooled with him to Zouk .

The purpose of the event was to celebrate Hot 7th Anniversary with Halloween dress up theme party. We didn't know there was a theme till we had the invitation passes on ours hands Too late to make any changes but to go with what we were dressed. Get another invitation passes from Jeff; therefore I could invite Jackie and Kah Mun to join us for the fun.

Holding the huge cardboard of "HOT" : first for celebrity entertainment. Due to yours truly is short, I requested the buddies to lower down the board so that my dress can be shown in the picture. Shorty often came across this problem; no matter how nicely dressed you are, it wouldn't show much in picture cause it will only show your head especially standing next to those tall fellas.

HTC was one of the sponsors for the event. There were few hot chics standing at the entrance to promote the new mobiles. Then we realized the reason why Isaac didn't bring Janice along for this event. Inside teaser! We were given a goodie bag full of interesting stuff before enter the party. The event was surrounded with losta Saint and Sinners costumers.

Emcee of the night was the gorgeous looking Jeremy and smiley Linora. Both of them did put some effort to dressed up according to the theme.Lucky draw and some games were going on on the stage. Saw the most right clown masque. I bumped into him while I was walking out from the ladies as the same time as he walking out from the washroom. It kindda frightened me at that moment; moreover I was tipsy.

Guys! This was how your always imaginary sexy nurses look like that night. I want the costume despite the ugly and horror make up. Oops! Ignored the most left side one, I really don't know what she dressed as. Oh ya, Kah Mum looked good with the beige color dress and I love the bag she carried as well.Jackie the lucky guy won himself two bottle of fragrance in lucky draw session.

Most importantly, there was free flow all night long. Yours truly is more to a beer person compared to alcohol. I had three bottles of Heineken and a sip of milky plus alcohol sort of weird taste drinks.Same old story happened whenever I am up to 3 bottles-T.I.P.S.Y. When I am tipsy, slapping, hitting and pouring were expected.

The innocent Benjamin told me the next day that I slapped him. Sorry .

Jackie and Kah Mun

Kelvin and friends



Happy 7th Anniversary to HOT!!!

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  1. you guys are hotter than HOT! XD