Friday, December 30, 2011


Wrong information given by Bright who came back from Bangkok a week before telling me that the weather was dry there. It was the total opposite of what he said; windy and chilling weather sort of like in Cameron Highlands.

Crossed to the other side of the street to discover the nearest local morning market to my hotel. There were also shop lots along the way . Our direction went left and right , even gone further to Pratunam market without realizing.

This shop selling affordable beauty products from top to toe. Spot the little hand carry bucket was full of cosmetics that I grabbed. Attracted by its beautiful packaging though couldn't really read the ingredients and instruction cause  it's all in Thai.

Money spent like water on the second day and continuing. Yvonne was almost out of cash so she decided to go for money exchange. Good Rate Exchange & Travel Service give higher rate as 9.6 for that day. The day before I changed rm300 at rate 8.6. [Heartache max!]

Every street was filled up with boutique and stalls.[Merrier much!] Always didn't know from where to start our shopping. Random walked from a street to another till we couldn't find our way back to hotel. Even local citizens didn't know where's the exact location of our hotel but luckily there were traffic polices assisted .

Activities continue with the visit to Central World. There were this music notes stage displayed beside the piano playing performance. We ladies gone crazy posing like ballet dolls in the music box. [ Do Re Mi dolls alive!]

Beautiful Christmas decoration in the mall. Could see the effort of making the warmth ambient to welcome the festive season of the year. I personally love the superb huge bear idea in the center point of the mall. Another picture of the foursome.

Had Samurai burger. [Taste delicious!] Why Malaysia don't have? Tracy said the filet-o-fish did taste different too.[Joke: wonder if the local fish fresher after flood.] The chili sauce was definitely hotter and spicier than what we have in Malaysia's franchises.


Time in Bangkok passed so slow like a snail but the sun set early around evening time. Mall would operate till 7.30pm and closed. It's kindda unusual compared to Malaysia. However, i would say the malls in Bangkok are much ore grand than ours.

Platinum was just within walking distance from where we were. Getting better in recognizing the road on the third day. Instead of tutuk, we walked there and it only took 15 minutes. [likethelocalppl#] By the time we reached the mall, all the shoplots almost getting ready to closed so we just have a quick window shopping.

Sorted out the stuff I have bought so far after back to hotel.

Supper time again! I think the security guard downstairs already sicked of seeing me and Yvonne passed by him to go 7e for food. Somehow,I could watched Thai tv show eventhough I don't understand a single word while enjoying my food. In certain extend, I was obsessed with a new local girl band but I couldn't find it in youtube cause the time music video title was is Thai. 

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