Thursday, February 2, 2012


Thank God for the second day of Chinese New Year, I could slept slightly longer to replace back my zombie mode from the day before. Another reunion lunch at 5th aunt's crib. The chef of the day is Uncle Simon. Believe me his cooking skill is standardize with 5 stars restaurant food.

Outfit of the day:
Top frm Bangkok
Sling Bag frm Sunway Pyramid
* with short pants underneath

Before that, I went to first uncle's house for visiting. Was hoping to see my another nephew but he wasn't there.Aunt Serene and family were tagged along to the lunch after visited my place.While Uncle Simon were busy preparing, we so called guests filled up the living room with lotsa noise and jokes. Merrier sial!

Every single dishes on the table are delicious much much much! You could see how much effort he put to prepare this awesomeness lunch.  I would say this was way better than the first reunion meal at aunt's place. Sorry aunties! Rate 9/10.

My kam mou sister and I. We rarely camwhore together, perhaps this is the first time I posted her picture on my blog. Relatives were saying her looks like some Korean stars with the hair color. Why mine after colored still not obvious? I wanna be Korean stars too. hmmmp!

The next destination followed by 3rd aunt's house which located at Sungai Buloh. We usually go to her shop instead of house cause they will start business after the first day of Chinese New Year.There goes another reunion lunch with KFC bucket for all of us! How lucky to eat from one place to another yea.

At night, Edison and the bunch came to bai nian  around 10pm. Waited for them till I almost fell asleep. Edison ordered McD delivery for dinner as he had not take dinner yet. It took more than 45 minutes for the delivery to arrived. Since I owe him a meal due to ffk on his birthday celebration so I paid for the order. Handed rm33 as I heard the delivery man said rm32 something for the amount. When Edison brought in his order, I looked at it and wonder why so little portion order yet cost so much. Then only I found out I paid extra rm10. FML! I am rich to give rm10 tips.hahaha... karma wei. He kept teasing  me saying that the McD tasted especially good that day. hmmmp!

My family don't really gamble so my house rather have no poker cards. The rest waited for Xiaong Yang and Fung Soon to bring the cards to starts their gambling. I was plainly sitting aside watching them playing the game.

I was surprised to received the gift as my belated birthday present from Mr. Lee. thanx :)


  1. haha! sure get a lot of ang pau rite! haha

  2. oo nice present.. happy belated bird day girl

  3. cool outfit. I love simple and 'airy' outfit on CNY as it is always HOT on CNY. But this year not too bad eh? Water Dragon made it cooler :)

  4. ooo CNY also got present! so so good!