Monday, February 6, 2012


What a wonderful morning! Woke up early to get ready to Genting . From Taman Paramount to Taman Melati station to meet up with Natasha and Carrie; took bus from the last station Gombak headed up the hill. The bus driver were going so slow and it seems no different to take bus from KL central cause we reached destination about 40 minutes after.

Fashion of the day :
Collar black dress frm Guess

It was quite a last minute plan. I had no idea that there was such a carnival happening in Genting till the girls mentioned about it. The girls didn't give me further details for transportation and accommodation till a day before the trip. Since Carrie have bought my bus tickets so I should't say no right? We queued an hour to get ourselves in Caber car and an hour half to go back. Disaster!

Before we enter the Doraemon world, of course to fill up the starving tummy was to come first. Everywhere you could see human queuing and passing by which makes me couldn't take a sip of fresh air. I tell ya it was like I could faint any second soon. Dine at Lao Di Fang,  the chicken rice served seems hygiene but it tasted different from the usual one. salty ---> sweet

Resort World Genting there we go after lunch. Another queuing session that took forever in order to get the precious entrance tickets to the carnival. We need to fill up forms besides getting the tickets. Hello! That's why the queue ain't moving. wth Then there was this guy who worked there holding with a pile of tickets to ask if we wanna buy from him but no points collected like those who bought it from counter. Who cares about the points? I just wanna avoid the stupid queuing part for God sake!

Huge hot-air Doraemon was displaced outside the counter. You wouldn't wanna stand beside it cause people will keep asking your help to take picture for them. Pek Cek sial!

I knew something new from the carnival that the original color of Doraemon is in yellow. It turned to blue after his ears got bitten by the mice cause too sad and depressed after the incident. Come to think of it no wonder his sister Dorami is in yellow with ears somemore. HAHA!( ampunkan yours truly , I am not a crazy fans of Doraemon)

Redeemed Doraemon's Touch N Go card !

Section 1 : Doraemon Town
The main attraction of Doraemon World 2012, a life-sized colorful Doraermon characters imported from Japan awaits to deliver an unforgettable experience ,

Section 2 : Doraemon Gallery
This fun gallery displays all the familiar gadgets seen on Doraemon. This is a must visit for every Doraemon friends and fans.

section 3 : Doraemon Carnival
Many stage activities as wellas fan 'meet and great' session awaits at the Doraemon Carnival. Or choose to try the 12 Doraemon gadget carnival game booths to win the huge Doraemon plushie.

Section 4: Doraemon Mall
Enjoy imported Doraemon premiums and browse special select items so your Doraemon World 2012 memories continue long after your visit.

Grabbed this Doraemon saving box to add in my collection!


  1. I went there too yesterday. It took me 5 hours to queue to enter T.T I got sun burn and body ache now haiz. But I enjoyed inside the Doraemon World^^

  2. So cute!!! You get to see the sets! Ahhhh~~~~ jelly me~~

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