Saturday, February 4, 2012


According to Chinese's belief, Chinese New Year Chor 3 ain't a good day for visiting. Why so? It's something to do with  the mice are getting married; therefor human like us are advised not to disturb. ( I don't know what it has to do with bad luck perhaps mice are in black?)

Another huge reunion buffet dinner to gather at Shangri-La hotel. Indeed it ain't a good day as it poured heavily and I had some quarrel with my sister due to some stupid reason. Bad hair day as well, it always looks nice in shape at home but after heading out is another story. Pek cek giler!

Ya I know! Guys will definitely wonder why we girls always like to camwhore in the washroom. Perhaps the lighting effect is better. Please excuse my Hainam Poh 's hairstyle. Fugly!

Fashion of the day :
Necklace frm Poh Kong
Beige skirt frm Time Square
Heels frm The Curve

 Chloe baby always stick with me wherever I go. She even sit with me instead of her parents at dining table. Therefor, I had to be the babysitter to feed her.Took a few shot with her and she picked this picture as she said I looked tall here. muahahaha!

We girls grabbed so much food to share but end up couldn't finish. Kindda wasted! The desserts served look tempting with colorful topping decoration however it tasted overly too sweet for old people like me. After dinner, the families had some chit chat and photo session.

Pic 1: The sister2sister Chloe and Kelley. My adorable nieces!

Pic 2: Love this candid when Kelley looking at her sister's lollipop.

Picture 3 : Nephews and Nieces
Linus, Linton, Chloe and Kelley

Picture 4: So difficult to capture a clear picture as they are too active. Dizzy!

Picture 5: Linton was merajuking saying his face couldn't be seen in the picture above. he asked for another solo shot with me. Chloe insisted to join but he pushed her away. LMAO!

Picture 6 : My aunties from mother side.

Picture 7: Gorgeous cousin-cousin sekalian.

Picture 8: Family portrait.

Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Your nieces are so adorable! (: Too bad I don't have small age nieces to manja2 with me hehe

  2. wow seems like a big family there :D nice reunion with the people

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  3. The little girls are so cute ! :D