Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello blogders, how are you guys ? I know I have been missing in action for almost two weeks. I could see the spider webs and dust on my blog already. Just a quickie before I am starting work tomorrow.

It's been a good and bad week at the same time. The week started with my new job. Yours truly has become an official teacher in a kindergarten. Glad that my long awaited dream has come true! Feel so happy to be surrounded by all the adorable kids  and being called as teacher. Though, I have to rush over for home tuition every night after school and rush home to mark the piles of books. But, overall  I am satisfy with what I am and have now. :)

Things didn't get smooth all the time. Unfortunate incident happened on the fourth day after school. I was involved in a car accident. When I was about to make a U-turn from the T junction in front of my school, I misjudged the distance where the motorbike came towards to my right. He bang toward my right hand door and fell down from his bike and lay on the floor. I was so panic at the moment. Wanted to get out from car but my car door was damaged. I get out from another side and ran over to the victim.He was laying on the floor with bleeding face and knee. Few of the road passers stopped by to help the men.

The incident was happened during hectic after working hour. All the cars stopped by road side and checking out what was going on. I tried to called mom but she didn't pick up at the first call. She was panic as well after I told her about it on the second call. She rushed over to the place where the accident happened with my uncle whom stay nearby. And I was blessed that there was Mrs. Soong whom teach in the same kindergarten with me accompanied and calmed me down through the incident.

Till, the ambulance and police cars came. The men was sent to hospital. I cried non stop and almost fainted. Luckily, mum and Mrs. Soong were there to pull me to the car. The police man who on duty that day was kind and helpful and kept comfort me not to be afraid and ask me to rest and take water.

At night, I went to police station to make report only found out the men is malay and he is already 61 years old. I feel so guilty and asked his son's number from the police to call to ask if he is alright. The son told us that he was still in ICU. I feel so bad and couldn't sleep well that night.

Till the next day, the son called and say his father was out from ICU then only I felt a bit relieve. The teachers whom work in morning session all knew about it and asked if I am alright. I was touched cause I just a newbie there and I received so much concern from them. The headmistress even came to upstairs class to talked to me.

I am planning to visit the men so that the guilt in me could be released but many of them ask me not to cause afraid that they will claim all that he could or ask for unnecessary composate and let the insurance settled will do. The teachers also suggested me that to bring along someone with me if I insist to go visit him.I am willing to pay him money seriously as long as he is safe and fine. Money means nothing but life .

Thank you for all the prayers I received from my friends through twitter and family members whom helped and visited me throughout the incident.

May God blessed the old men. Amen.


  1. my goodness. what a terrible experience. 1st congratulation to your kindergarten post as a teacher. 2nd hope the old man get well soon. things happen unexpected. try not to blame yourself that much and hope you get well soon from the traumatize experience. Thank God no one lose their life. God bless. Hayden Chan

  2. haha spider web over the WEBsite? and hello teacher! =D

    ohmy u been thru so much! =S hmm luckily he's alright. and be more careful next time ya. ;)

  3. Oh dear! That must be a terrible experience, it is good to pay a visit but then again there are all sorts of people in this world. As mentioned, they could be there to take advantage of the situation.

  4. owh my gosh, luckily no one is injured badly in the accident! Phew! :)

  5. Oh my, so that's what happen the other day when you made police report. Congratulations on your dream job! Hope he will get well soon and don't blame yourself for accident ok? =)