Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Often expect too much till you keep falling and get injured. People around you might think they feel you but the truth is only you yourself know what's deep inside your heart. Some might just leave you without leaving a single word, some might pretend that they concern about you but all they wanna is to gossip about you.

I always believe that God is fair to every single human on this earth. You won't always get bad luck for the entire life. Once you received something either good or bad from HIM, you have to appreciate that it happened cause things happened for a reason. HE wants you to grow from the past and take the challenge positively.

Everyone has been through the very down side in their life neither do I but it didn't stop me just there. I have become more mature throughout the journey. Although it is hard, with tears , heartbroken , hurt , harsh words from people around me but I am glad that all those has become who I am now. A tougher and stronger person in mentally.

Things begins to get smooth with jobs and relationship. Everyday I came home with stories talking about my adorables with smile on my face.Friends come and go , only those are sincere would stay. Just be true to me and I would do the same. About partner , I would let the God to tell me who is the right one, no rush cause couldn't afford to get hurt anymore.

Nothing much I would like to ask for. Just pray that God will see and take care of this little girl , her family and friends. Everyday is a brand new day, wake up with a smile and your will see sun shinning on you. :)

I am waiting for this weekends to come. One more day till Friday. Wooots!