Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sagittarius #  are damn flexible in thought till the extend they could changed their likes to dislike or the other way round. When they don't get something they want, they got emotionally easily; once they got it , they don't feel satisfaction and bored of it very fast. And, the key word in their life is "Freedom". Don't try to stop them from doing anything if they want to; the more being control, the more they wish to cross the line. Sometimes, they could be damn noisy and crazy , at the same time they could be damn cool; don't even give a damn glance at anyone. This is how contrast Sagittarius# 's characteristic could be. You will never know which step are they gonna take next. Take the risk to put yourself in their shoes, you will understand more about them.

Random shares:
These are the two songs I keep repeating recently. Both different kindda genre. Couldn't really tell what's a Sagittarius really prefer.

The Broken One by Dia Frampton

Twilight by Cover Drive

Good night!
I seriously don't know what am I thinking now nor knowing what I really want.


  1. As a Scorpio, I found this info interesting :P

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  3. Freedom and trust