Friday, April 6, 2012


Why must I always be the one to understand others? Why couldn't it be the other way round? I am not complaining but I just wanna being understand by you. You didn't get me sometimes when I am not happy. I couldn't help to express the sourish feeling in my heart here.

It has only been two weeks but I feel not alright already. I know that you are exhausted after work late night yet I am still wanted to see you. All you did is just apologized but nothing else. Your work always came up last minute and we have no choice but to cancel plan.

I wanna spend time with someone I like on a weekend but you are busy with your events set up. It's a Saturday yet I have to stay at home facing the stupid laptop alone in my room. I told you I am going out with a guy friend yet you say you can't stop me from doing what I want and ask me to enjoy my Saturday.You didn't get it!!!! I wanted tell you it's a Saturday and I wanna spend time with you instead of others.

Second thought, you are caring somehow. When I couldn't finish my work, you would come over just to help me even though it was already midnight after whole day of exhausted work and asked me to rest while you finished up the work for me.When you know I am going to take cab to work in the morning, you will purposely woke up early at 7 am just to send me to work even though you had only 2 hours sleep.

Sometimes I feel like I am still alone no matter on a weekdays or weekends. If you get what I mean. I don't know if we should start this relationship or hold back. I don't know how am I gonna take it when you are busy with your work most of the time. I don't know how far is this relationship gonna go. It's hard to moved on from the past to the recent one. I really don't know ...


I don't know if my heart can fit one more.


  1. Well, the important thing is communication with both parties. Talk to him!

  2. wow ur second thought already told u that you love him very much. well, complicated, try to tell him more directly perhaps? =X guys are stupid, u need to be straightforward. ;)