Sunday, May 6, 2012


Somehow ,I feel that you were already awake just that you don't give a damn to my text. Or even you're not , you tend to ignore the discussion about our problem yest night. Whenever we had problem, you would just turn to another person instead of me.

You went for another girl while we were together. You tried very hard to get the girl with unconditional demands she wants. The most ridiculous part was that you could even fetch her from Bangi to Sunway just for her to attend LMFAO concert without you.

I thought you are always busy? When comes to her, you could do whatever she wants just to make her happy. To me, you always tell me how busy is your work and the next thing I know you are with your mom and bothers.

 After she gave you cold shoulder, you came back to me and ask for second chance. You told me you are silly that you leave me for someone who didn't care for you. You said you will never gonna lose me anymore. But....

I am impressed that you are such a family oriented person but where's my position in your heart? First , your job, your mom , your brothers and yourself ...lastly me. I don't mind being the last one, at least treat me fair a bit can or not? 

Before this, you rushed for an official relationship and now I want us to be official but you say you are not ready yet. When she is not yours, you gave her the recognition as your gf in order for her to collect bottles from your friends in an event.

You wanted her so badly without any terms and condition or consideration, you just want her to be your girlfriend!!! For my case, you give damn a lot excuses. You know that before this , I had experience a few miserable relationships.

You promised not to hurt me like them and no secret between cause you understand where was I came from. That day early in the morning, I saw few girls, Jessica and Sherrie whatssap you. I grabbed your phone and wanted to see.

The next thing you do was grabbed back the phone from me nervously and said " I don't like people to touch my phone!" even though your were sleeping. You told me you know this girls before you know me. I don't mind who you wanna make friends with, just that your action clearly tell me that you have something hie from me.

Now, even I said I wanna give up  if we ain't officially together, u just dont give a damn shit about it. It's not that I wanna force you or anything. I wanna feel secure, i don't wanna share you with anyone else. You could introduce me as your girlfriend in front of your friends but you are not ready to be official? Come on, your pride kills you okay!


  1. So damn true. My advise, don't waste your time on him. We cannot wait for guys to grow up or man up. Let's catch up,babe.

  2. Ok la..i will be blunt..i dunno which part of this doesn't screams "TROUBLE"..i was in your position once a long time ago..i realized i'm stupid..the call is yours...but if a person wants two person at a same time...i will doubt that person would want the first person as badly as the second becoz if that's the case, the second person wouldn't appear at all...take care

  3. Sigh. You should slap him in the face.
    Ego will get a man nowhere.

  4. there's a lot of grammar mistakes!!

  5. Just give up. Don't waste your time on people like this. You are much more special than to be treated like this. My advice is just give up. Don't waste your time, and move on. There are some more better guy out there for you. & when he calls you, ignore him. when he text you, ignore him. when he comes over to your house for an explanation, ignore him. when he facebook you, tweet you. ignore him. This may hurt awhile, but nothing last forever. all the best girl :)

  6. Wish the best for you. :)

    Clear the doubts, and make a wise choice. Don't waste time on those people who doesnt worth for it :) +u ~

  7. Just leave, he's a bastard and you're wasting your time dealing with him. Move on let your heart heal till the next right guy comes. :)

  8. Clearly he is not worth your time, I'm sorry to hear about this. He doesn't deserve to be your man.

  9. i dont really know u but i can sympathize with ur condition as i 've unfortunately dates jerks. the last guy i was going out with made me wash his laundry, run errands and clean up his apartment n in the end he kept going thailand to see his bitch over there. so all my efforts were useless cause i was nothing more than a spec of dust in his eyes. when i woke up i told myself i'm worth so much more. and i tell u the same..u are so much more worth than this silly guy above. this is not called love, its called blindness. may u wake up soon.

  10. I feel pity for what has happen to you..especially for a nice girl like you..i think the best way is you forget that deserve to get someone that was far more better than him..that know to appreciate you and that can always be by your side.


    The way you write this post is a fucking joke.
    and the people you affect with this is just not HIM

    I never should have helped you from the start.

    You're a waste of my time