Saturday, May 12, 2012


Fashion is the best thing ever existed on earth. Without the style and trend, the appearance of a human being could be so dull and meaningless.Seriously, I couldn't live my life without any make over or changes in dressing. I hate wearing the same old piece over and over again.

Recently, I am stressed up with workloads in school plus exam weeks in kindergarten and my tuition students are making me even thinner than before. To release my tension, I went online shopping whenever I have the time to on my laptop .

You could see how busy I am. I don't even have the time to go to the mall. Only God knows why am I always stuck in the house even on a weekends.The only way to make me happier, it's to dress up nicely to school and my good mood would eventually come along.

A blink of eyes, it's already the month of May. Time passes so fast when you occupied yourself to the fullest.I am now waiting for the coming Penang trip that sponsored by the school and we gonna stay in suites with swimming pool. Long awaited time for bikini party!

Let's check out what's my lookface in May:

Supposed to be my friend's make up model but her teacher changed the time therefore I couldn't make it.

Floral top from bazaar at Jaya One
Leather pants from Pull & Bear
Hello kitty frames from Yinhoo

Was kindda stressed up that day with some problem running in my mind. So I decided to put on this piece from a parcel I received that day itself to tuition class.

Jumpsuit from Ur-Fashion Sense blogshop

Put in a little effort in dressing up to school on a random day. All the teachers gimme some kindda look that day , perhaps I was a little over to dress like this? I didn't know it was a challenge, till the next day all the teachers dressed up extra disordinary nice, some with floral dress,flawless long pants and even spaghetti strip body tight fit dress. Maybe I am thinking too much though, LMAO

Dress from Ur-Fashion sense online blogshop

A bit disappointed with the skirt I received. It looks different from what it showed in the picture. The one I saw is till knee length and the worst part is it only have 3 hooks for belt, normally should have four. I couldn't even put on the belt. I turned up look like an aunty trying to impressed  people I am a fashionista. WTH!

Blue skirt from Ur fashion-sense

Chill in the car  with blasting music before enter schoolIn love with this khaki cardigan. .Some teachers compliment that it looks nice in me. Even one of the morning session students said "so beautiful!" I asked her " who?" She pointed at me with a smile. So sweet of her.

Khaki cardigan from Ur fashion -sense blogshop.

Lastly, wishing all the lovely mummy angels in world " Happy Mother's Day! "

Each teachers have to come out with own idea what to make for mother's day for their own class. So, I came out with this simple one and reuse those straws that I collected during primary school. Didn't expect headmistress love my idea so much and she is happy to see the outcome. :)

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