Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I always called my class' children "baby", when they don't know how to do things by themselves.  I even asked them to drink "nen nen" and that make the whole class laugh out loud. Nowadays, kids rarely learn how to be independent cause they have kakak and nanny to do things on behalf of them, what's more even comes to schoolwork.

The most headache and challenging for me is to control the class. They somehow don't listen to me even though i shout till my lungs out. That's why sometimes I need experienced teachers from other class to assist me in controlling these baby monsters. One thing I am glad of my kids is that they are very imaginative and creative in drawing.

Baby Joel, my favourite student of all. Cheeky and adorable.
He always like to say : " I don't understand what are you talking about cause you talk in chinese."
He even said " Teacher, I told mummy I am not afraid of you."
The most sweetest things he said was " Teacher, if we are all babies, then you are the mummy." awww.. melted my heart!

Baby Jia Xin. Quiet but bad tempered.
When she doesn't like something that what her friends do, she will just fight back. She is those type of kids who accept you talked nicely to her instead of fierce towards her.

Baby Jared. Talkative yet fast learning.
Somehow, I feel that he looks like my niece Chole but in boy version. His handwriting is very neat and nice doesn't  seems like a kindergarten kid could do so. The most funny thing happened when during games and actvities time, he ran all over the playground and knocked his nose on my elbow and got bleed. Frightened me like seriously! Luckily he didn't cry.

Baby Khei Ling. The prettiest princess in our class. Smart and manja.
Another fast learner and she got number one for this first semester exam. Very independent, can do thing all by herself. Kindda shy sometimes . She is the sweetheart of all the teachers. 

Baby Iwyen. So the leng chai , look a bit like mixed.
Very slow in writing, when the class have finished a page, he is still on the first line. Couldn't really scold him cause he wants his work perfect and nicely done. The most interesting about him is he always sing adults songs like Baby by Justin Bieber and recently Nobody by Nickle Back.


  1. awww! they are so cuteee! :D

  2. Kids can be cute but irritating sometimes :P

  3. wow.. you're a teacher to these cute kiddos? life must be really fun ! :)

  4. aww..all those children are so adorable~;P

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. so cute! I like the princess in the class so cute like i wanna hug her! hehehehe

  6. They're so adorable! So u're teaching too? Great to meet another teacher :)