Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I don't know what to blog about but I just wanna release some words here. This is always the best place I could turn to whenever I am stressed up. Recently,things don't go the way I want to. I feel so emotional and no one to talk to. I could only keep all to myself.

 I have to put on smiles to work just so I don't affect others. I have to be understanding just so he won't think I am demanding. I have to be patient just so it won't rush to an end. I have to learn not to care so much just so it would eventually come to me.

Just so you guys know...

I am tired and sake of not being appreciate. Put yourself in my shoes . You will feel my pain. My heart is crying. Can anyone hear me?

For now on,  I will occupy myself with my babies and work. No other thing. If someone cares, they would come. If they don't, just leave it.


  1. Wish I can help but yeah, hope you'll feel better soon. Gambateh Sherry, cheer up yeah! (:

  2. Pity to you sherry..hope you can become more stronger to go through anything that you need to face..:)