Monday, June 18, 2012


The earlier long planned and awaited  party night with the lovelies, Snoopy and Melissa. Plus, it's gonna be our last girls' night out due to meow is leaving to New Zealand soon. We have been spending the whole week together going out and even texting each other. I know it sounds lesbian but we are that close. Awww.... I am so gonna miss you Meow!

Meow came to  my place after her work. We were so excited for the night and play dolled up in the room like little girls gone wild for the first time to club. Of course not to forget we camwhored from house , on the journey , in the car park and in club  and ladies = EVERYWHERE!

Outfit of the night. It fits me so well after mom altered for me 10 minutes before I head out. Then I went posing craze while waiting for Mel to done for her make up. I know I look tall here. Ahem* Just a certain angle.

Mel look so good with the tube dress and especially the necklace. This pic was taken in the car once we reached the car park. While the two gentlemen were already at the club entrance, and the two of us still mo mo cha cha like princesses should be waited by the princes.

That night, only had free flow for the ladies. Due to long time have not take alcohol, I couldn't accept even a cup of whiskey. The thickness of the alcohol, only a sip is enough to warm up body. I rather chilled with beers.

Snoopy then brought some of his guy friends along. There was this guy named Danson whom was very socialize and friendly. He came to talk to me and show me some magic tricks. I tried to find out the tricks but he didn't let me to do so.Curiosity really kills me can? Anyway, my main point - he is cute! Bleuk :P

The pretty girls in the house. Snoopy went gaga shuffling after the hype of alcohol. Danson asked how do we actually meet each others. It take me a second to think of the reply and I was proud to say " through blogging!" Blogging do help in knowing more lovely people. :)

Elias and Han were the princes whom I mentioned earlier. Long time didn't see them already. It's happy to see them back again. Elias became more muscular compared to the first time I saw him, Han is still the same.

A closer look on our dresses. Say you like them! Mel bought her's from kistchen while mine is from online blogshop. Managed to shake a little on the dance floor before heading back. We went back around 2.30am . Meow went back to her house to pack and overnight at my place since her working place is nearby mine.

Ta-paoed McD as supper. K.O without change and removing make up. Rock the night as though there is no work tomorrow!


  1. Nice dresses both of you have there :D So syiok ahhh go clubbing HEHE

  2. Habis! U K.Oed without removing ur make up! U suffocated ur skin :P

  3. whooots! party all night longgggg~~~