Sunday, July 1, 2012


There's some time I wish I could quit my current job and move to fashion line. That is because I have there's so much irresistible  pretty things I wanna to share out.Firstly, I would like to own a small boutique then slowly have my own brand. Say is always easier than to be done.When would be the day come?

Today is a lazy cloudy Sunday which  I don't feel like doing anything but to ground myself in the room with air-conditioner on .Lying on comfy bed to do some blogging and reading. That's how I came across this fashion inspiration blog - Mellow Mayoness.

She is a fashion blogger from Hong Kong. The outfits that she wear in her blogs could easily find in online blogshop. If you have no idea how to mix and match, you could visit her site for some reference.One thing, I found interesting is all kinds of bags she carries.

watermelon pouch

chocolate bar hand carry

baby elephant bag

bling bling cattle

vintage babies print case

After reading her blog, I think the next shopping spree I will go for bags more than the clothes. Get ready for another wardrobe for those pretty bags. It's not branded who makes you look pretty, it's how you make yourself look pretty by mix and match what you have. :)


  1. Totally agree with the last sentence. You don't need expensive and branded stuff to look pretty :D

  2. OMG! her bags are really unique!! feel like getting one of those too! =D

  3. Oh my Gosh ze baby elephant bag and vintage style case arghhh!!! that is so meeeeee <3

  4. Oh yes, those bags are pretty! Hope u'll realize your dream soon :)