Sunday, August 5, 2012


李佳穎 is so cute in the drama ( I Love You So Much). I love her make up , dressing, characteristics and especially the short curls. Her characteristic in the drama is a little silly plus adorable. This kindda girl always attracts guys to protect her. How I wish I  have someone that really love instead of complaining who i am.

Sometimes , I wish I wouldn't take all the things happened to me so seriously and just let them flow naturally. I would never follow the flow, keep pushing all the things in order to go all my way. Eventually, I fell awfully.It's not easy for me to wake up from nightmare and tell myself it's another brand new day .You just don't understand how much I have gone through.

I am happy with you but you have changed. You are always hot and cold. When you want me, you will come back to me. Even though, you pushed me away still I will come back to you. I don't see you  appreciate me. It's time to stop this game cause if we didn't , it would be no ending. I just can't wait for you alone. I have to leave. I am sorry...

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