Sunday, July 1, 2012


I dislike Monday and Friday. Reason why? Cause our school have fixed that teachers have to wear the ugly yellow p.e shirt on these two days. I hate to be controlled what to wear, not even my parents or boyfriend could bother more. Why couldn't the p.e shirt in baby tee size so that at least it looks fitting.

So there goes I had a crazy idea on last Friday. Instead of common matching with long pants. I match the yellow top with a blue skirt, and with my sporty shoes.Weird combination but at least something new and fresh. I can't see myself going with the same old look again and again. (Sagittarius get bored easily)

Today is another yellow monday again, kill me please! Oh ya, I am waiting for this Saturday to come to attend my headmistress's grandson full moon. It's the opportunity to dress up elegantly again. Stay tuned for what I am gonna wear. :) 


  1. wahahahhaa.... that's too big for u!

  2. arhh, u're so skinny my dear. eat more!! :)

  3. Weird combination but still looks cute..:)

  4. well, over time we'll realize that we can look simple and elegant at all times, not just at ceremonies. (or is it just me that's vain?) hah!