Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 22 more days till you come back to KL! I am so excited for that day to come. Beach, bikini, wine and horror movie are on our plans. It's gonna turn out great I guess since it's been few months time we have not meet up.

Back to yesterday, it was a public holidays in PJ.My cousin Sze is having her sem break. We decided to head down to KL for movie and shopping spree.Wanted to watch step up but it only available in 3D, so we caught Mae Nak instead.It wasn't really that horror but this was the first horror movie that took away my tears.

The storyline is about a pair of married couples. The husband leave the wife for few months while she is having pregnancy  as the government sent him to military to protect the country.His wife passed away unfortunately while giving birth to  the baby, the baby died too. Her soul was not in peace. She keeps coming back to the village to revenge to those who has cause her to that happened. One day, the husband came home. He didn't know that the wife has passed away. Instead, he spend the whole with her "wife". After all the weird incidents happened in the house, he realized something is not right. Some of the villagers told him that his wife has passed away. Which mean, the one he spend a night with is her soul. Lastly, the monks and the ceremony tried to clear her off to her way so that she won't be staying in the village disturb anymore.

The part that is touching - Nak kept telling the husband Mak, she wants to be together with him and live happily together with their baby, but the people around don't allow her to do so. She cried cause she loves the husband so much that she didn't wanna leave him . The husband even promise her that he would not married again and would become a monk for his life.

After the movie, of course it's therapy time. Spending money makes you smile and cry at the same time. That's the only way girls could think of to pamper themselves.My fashion senses and Sze are totally different channel . What she think is nice, I would not agree. Maybe I am old and the "nice" things also kindda different from what youngster thought .

The exhausted looks of us after the shopping spree.

Outfit of the day :
blue polka dots top - Fashion sense online boutique RM25.
Vintage handsbga- Jaya One Ramadhan Bazaar rm60.
Shorts : Long jeans from Padini . Mummy altered it to a fitting shorts.
Nike kid's shoes size 3
A pair of flower earrings

Sneak peek of some of the precious I have spent on.

Black & white red rose top for only rm10 each.

I didn't buy the top to match the rainbow pencil skirt actually. Sze suggested me to put on them together. It turned out not bad wor!

Few more pieces. Stay tuned!


  1. Another scary movie :) I love them, keeps your imagination going. Anyway, when wanna take me out?

  2. I dunno when is the last time i watch horror movie hahaha`~ too long ago~~

  3. I seriously like the last outfit you put together! :D and your vintage handbag too.

  4. i like the rainbow pencil skirt! :D