Friday, August 17, 2012


 Last Thursday, went to watch Dark Knight with Michael. Since the both of us were so outdated, didn't get to catch the premiere like others did. Before movie, we went to Kim Gary to have dinner. The ill me were not supposed to have cheesy and sour food. Yet, I ordered cheese chicken baked rice and hot honey lemon. Bravo! Waited outside the cinema and saw this bench with mummy and baby chimpanzee . There Micheal volunteer to take a family portrait for me. LMAO. Anyway, I fell asleep in the cinema for the three hours movie.

Another movie date with my brother , Louis. We caught Hantu Gangster on a Tuesday night. When it comes to comedy ,  I will thought of some jokers to accompany me to watch. Dressed down a bit that night just casually. The long top is from an online blogshop. The movie was okay.  Could see the effort that Namwee trying to unite all the races under one roof indirectly. Many well known local celebrities were involved in this movie. Still, I would prefer Nasi Lemak 2.0 more.

Sunshine girl in action! Texted cousin sze to bring our dogs to go for a walk in park, since i got nothing better to do at home. Recently, I am in love with colors. Spot the bag? I bought it from penang few years back. When i was all ready and sze arrived, it poured . We had to stay in with the three babies. Babies must be very disappointed neither do i .

Sze came to my house in this collar long sleeve top. Then I showed her I got the same top as well. I wore and camwhore with her. We have the same top that it looks like the maid uniform where you can see in HK series. LOL

Yoyo finally got to meet her bother and mummy. They overnight at my crib for a night. What makes me laugh was that the color difference between them. It's got to do with the owner i guess. My family has fair skin while my cousin has darker skin color. That's why the dogs' fur color might follow their owner. So true!

Came across this song yesterday night before I get down the car for tuition class. It's lyric really sing out my mood . So meaningful 你懂我再爱我, 就不会折磨我。

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