Monday, August 13, 2012


Been feeling unwell for the past few days since last wednesday. Still in recovering progress. Start from this month onwards, I will be free on tuesday and thursday, which means I could attend nuffnang and churp churp's screening and events. I am missing all of my blogger friends !

On the other hand, school is starting hari raya holidays from 16th -27th. Rushing all the syllabus before exam hit in the month of october. Poor babies and teachers! rushing like a rocket,. One book do max five pages, maximum 3 books a day.

No matter what, all the work have to be settled off.  Oh ya, I am going to Chong Hwa 's school reunion dinner this saturday. In september, will be going to penang and taiwan. shop till i drop ! Spotted a casio watch the other day , wanna pampered myself to get a striking color watch. Recetly in lobe with orange and yellow colour. so not me lor!

16 days more till the one i waited for almost a year will be coming back. Past is the past, we are ready to meet again . Hope it will not turn out awkward and moments of silence. No more beach vacation cause that day would be a wednesday. Horror movie and chill at home is the best.


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  1. wah.. awak selalu pergi event nuffnang? mesti banyak dah hasil ni kan??hehehe..

    p/s : can i go with u to taiwan :P

  2. So let's hope that all NN/Churp2 event will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays only :D

  3. woah woah!! go taiwan so good! have fun shopping! :D