Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oh dull oh dull ! My life is like a blank paper without any words and paints on it. Used to have very happening life and  doll up all the time whenever I go for outing. I am getting bored of what I have and who i am now. Feel like I am not myself anymore in physically and mentally.

Work is alright. Teachers are kind and friendly. We are like a happy family with caring and lovely mothers taking care of the few little one. Nevertheless, the saturday project to gather all the teacher to work for sports day had improve our relationship a little bit more than before.

Last Saturday, I slept through the whole afternoon to avoid myself thinking too much. After that, meet up with Elwyn and Michelle at Bangsar Village to have birthday dinner with the girl. I had my favourite Chatime and read some book in Boarders to release stress before Michelle came.

 Dinner at Plan B as she wanted.We updated each other with what are we recently up to. At least it's one of the way for me to get a way the incident which happened on that morning. The scene kept / keep appearing in my mind. I need time to overcome and recover seriously.

My dinner order of the night...

Hot chocolate with marshmallow love on top. 

Chicken ham and cheese toastie.

Know what? We know each other from blogging. :)

Spotted this Hello Kitty house set 2 weeks back with the boyfriend in toy 'r' us , summit. Dind't get it, but the silly boy make it up to me by buying me a hello kitty pen . (quite a surprise) I had an excuse to grab this on that day cause I need to pamper myself from the emoness. Therefore, spent rm34.90 for this lovely set. Gonna get the cafeteria and other set next month. ( I am a hello kitty freak! )

For now, I want a change of every thing I have in my life such as ...

a tab and handphone (samsung)

a camera / semi-pro ( nikon)

genting trip to enjoy starbucks

Friends, date me out for shopping and trips. Waiting for u lovelies to buzz me!


  1. Hmmm... Can other place with Starbucks? XD

  2. arghh ... plan B 's foods my fav =)

  3. The hello kitty toy set so cuteeeeee! :3