Friday, November 16, 2012

17 NOV 2012

Bonjour blogders,

It's been a week yours truly have not update her blog. You must be curious on what I have been busying all this while. Well, the main for the year end was about our school Tadika Chim's Sports Day.

All the teachers have been staying back every Saturday to finish up the painting , cutting and set up. Besides that, we also went to the stadium for children's dancing rehearsal and stay back late for last touch up.

Thank God. The outcome of the sports day was marvelous. First time in my life, I felt that my hard work really paid off. Though I just played a very small part from this. Moreover, I have learnt much to be patience and deal with different characteristic of people.

For this post, I am gonna share with some pre and progress of Sports Day pictures. The theme of this year was Castle Wonderland. Those experienced teachers were there to guide us newbie what we should or shouldn't do.

Every Saturdays in school. These were what we did. We laughed , talked, complain and enjoyed every single bits of work. It was like s big family with mummies and daughters. How lovely could it be.


The both sides window frames of the castle.

Mickey & Minnie for parent's and students' gallery.

real human size soldiers and also some cute version ones.

The roughly brief picture of whole plan.

The invitation card that I designed.
Unfortunately, our school headmistress anti cats so other designs got chosen not mine.

My babies were happily rehearsing with their dancing dressing. Modern dance rockz!

A day before the actual day in stadium. It poured cats and dogs few times a day. It kindda makes us worry we couldn't finish our work  on time. Fortunately, everything gone well with the plan. It was a huge succeed  with all the cooperation.

The welcome door.

The logo of  Tadika Chim up on top.

Glittering time.

Sign board and the game 1st, 2nd & 3rd position.

Can u believe or not? from painting, wording cutting, pasting wording writing, drawing, measurement were all done by we ladies. Who say ladies couldn't do hard work. We prove you wrong didn't we?  Next post gonna be the actual day of Sports. Stay tune !

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  1. Awwww that's so adorable! School concert and stuff. reminds me of kindy haha! :D