Saturday, December 1, 2012

27 NOVEMBER 2012

Guess you all know what's up to me recently based on the facebook status I've been spamming. I am stuck in Gold Course hotel for three weeks teaching course. The name of the hotel sounds glamour but it's a total jail kind of life there I swear. For the first week, I got a terrible room  with lousy facilities such as tv not functioning, room window couldn't shut ,toilet couldn't flash, doors spoil and the most unbelievable issue was there's no Wifi. Yours truly hardly could survive! Luckily, second week got a better room with at least tv functioning.

Thought I would have no time for this year birthday celebration as I am stuck in jail being a bookworm a.k.a geek. Therefore, I didn't really bother much to make it happening. A night before my birthday, I was stuck in my room doing revision while sipping nescafe and watching the drama series that my sister downloaded for me.When the clock struck 12, I received a call from sister and mummy to wish me Happy Birthday. Followed by my baby boy called. I picked up the phone with him singing birthday song ended with " Happy Birthday to baby Sherry." I smiled from my heart of sweetness.

The next day, class ended early. My roomate pakat with my groupmate to make me stay in class. I didn't realize they were planing something cause she told me she will be going out to buy stuff for assignment. Plus, I also wanna make use of time to study a while in class. I totally had no idea that they went out to shop  for my birthday present till the night in the room. I was about to go to bed while waiting for my baby boy to come over. One of them suddenly asked me to look behind once i lay on the bed. I was shocked cause I thought some spirit she saw following me and my expression made them laughed. They hid the birthday present behind my pillow. I was so surprise they actually made some time to search me present eventhough we were so stuck and busy with workload. I really appreciate, thanx!

Thank you Sook San, Wong and Esther for the present.
It's sexy and I love it ! Only you girls know what's it. LOL

At night, baby boy come over around 9pm to pick me up to have dinner. He gave me a big hug and wish me once I open the door. I didn't expect much to dine in any pricey restaurant. To me the biggest happiness is he remembered and made effort to come and find me. Expensive gift or dinner not really a matter.

 He brought me to Windmill restaurant to have candle light dinner. The ambient was dark and full with candle light on the tables which makes the place so romantic. I was a bit shy and awkward cause I don't really know how to express myself when I was happy and excited. Ya, eventhough in front on my baby boy . I am weirdo.

Baby boy with his silly expression.

The birthday girl with her exhausted aunty look.

Baby boy and yours truly.
Friends say we look alike. what says you?

Our silly trademark.
My recent phone wallpaper. :)

My birthday gift? He promised to bring me to Hello Kitty land in December. Woots woots!

Surprise from the family . Early birthday celebration.

Thanx for the 100 wishes on facebook. I read them all. Appreciate that! :)


  1. you're such a lucky birthday girl. life maybe tough sometimes, but heave girl, heave.

  2. Happy belated bday, sweetie! Glad it all turned out well. May u stay young & pretty! xoxo